Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Sunday, Albert and I went to church with the Sullivan's, said our goodbye’s to his sister's family, and headed back to Mesa. When we got to Globe we realized we had a problem. On the floor behind the passenger seat there was a little puddle of water. Sadly there were also two boxes of oatmeal baby cereal on the floor as well. The water had softened the bottom of the cereal boxes; so when Albert picked them up, oatmeal came pouring out mixing with the water on the floor. Now not only were Albert and I completely puzzled at where all this water was coming from, we had a huge mess on our hands. We soaked up as much as we could with Taco Bell napkins and hit the road again. Anyway, to make a long story short, all the rain water that flooded the street in front of his sister's house had entered through a plug underneath our car, and, like a sponge, our carpet soaked it up. We unplugged it, pushed on the carpet, and water came pouring out the bottom of our car! We now lovingly referred to our car as the “oat-mobile.”

Pioneer Day

This weekend we went to visit Albert's sister in Safford for the Pioneer Day celebrations. She had a full house so we stayed with the Sullivan's in Pima. This Saturday they celebrated their grand-daughter's first birthday!

We had so much fun swimming in the pool in the backyard! Albert even dunked Rufus under the water for the first time, even though I was against it.
Come to find out their daughter-in-law is our friends' sister-in-law's sister. (Whew! Congratulations if you followed that!) Anyway, we got to play around in the pool with some cool kids!
So, Albert and I joined in on the festivities and then joined up with the family in Safford later that afternoon. Unfortunately, the parade, barbeque, and a few other small events were rained out but the clouds parted momentarily for the firework show to take place.
Despite all the rain we still managed to have a fun filled weekend. As you may know the last Harry Potter book was released this weekend, and there were 4 copies floating around his sister's house. While some read, the rest of us played games and watched T.V. Thinking the barbeque was rained out, we ordered pizza and breadsticks from R&R Pizza Express. Afterward, everyone drove to a nearby baseball field to watch the firework show. It was a nice break from being cooped up all afternoon.


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