Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Four-year-old McCheeseburger

You've heard of the seven year itch, right? Well, check out the four year cheeseburger! I currently work for a health and nutrition company called Saladmaster. I know, strange title... but fabulous opportunity. Albert has unintentionally lost 25 pounds! Really! He can't find it anywhere! [Ha! Ha!] It has literally changed the way I think about cooking. In short it has changed our lives. I encourage you to check out their website if you're ready for a life changing experience: http://qhs.saladmaster.com. Oh yeah, and check out the cheeseburger video too! Uggh!

Remembering Dad

Yesterday we celebrated Memorial Day by briefly visiting the site where Albert's dad was laid to rest two years ago. We go there often (i.e. Veteran's Day, the anniversary of the day of his passing, Memorial Day, Father's Day, etc.) and tell stories remembering him. It's a tradition I believe is good for Rufus. By visiting often and hearing all the fun stories he can become more familiar with him even though he will not meet him in this life. Albert will not often say aloud, "I miss my Dad," but I know he misses him more than he lets on. I feel a part of Albert's dad is alive in him and each one of his brothers and sisters; and because of that he will never be forgotten.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Black Widow

A few weeks ago I had opened the back door to let in some fresh air. Later that afternoon Albert came home from work and asked, "What's on the screen door?" I had not seen this "lady" hanging on the screen when I opened the door earlier, and now wonder how long she'd made our home her home! Needless to say, she's gone home to meet her maker!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"It's a... nice day for a... white wedding."

On Mother's Day my brother-in-law and his wife-to-be ask me to take their engagement pictures. This is the one I thought turned out the best! Although, there were a quite a few that look great (if I do say so myself)! Anyway, they're to be wed on Saturday, May 24th with a reception to follow. We're so happy to have Larinda and her son Kelton as the newest members of our family! Sing with me now:

The Knudsen Family!
Da-da-da-dum [snap! snap!]
Da-da-da-dum [snap! snap!]
Da-da-da-dum, da-da-da-dum,
Da-da-da-dum [snap! snap!]

Ukulele Hawaiian Style

My friend Alonna (and fellow music teacher) posted this on YouTube and won a free Ukalele! For those of you who know her know what a talented, wonderful musician she is. CONGRATULATIONS ALONNA!