Thursday, April 23, 2009


In January over MLK weekend we (Chris, Mollie, and I) decided it was high time for Rufus to go to the Phoenix Zoo. It was a GORGEOUS day and hardly any crowd! I can't really say he was way into the animals but I think he enjoyed being outside and seeing all the little things the zoo had to offer (and, of course, anything with wheels). He really enjoyed the wallabies... but by then my camera had died so I didn't get a picture.
Afterward, we decided to eat lunch at Pita Jungle in Tempe. Delish!!! I would recommend it to anyone! At least try their hummus and warm pita bread. Unfortunately, Rufus was all tuckered out and napped during lunch.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Christmas in April?

Here it is April and I'm posting Christmas pictures. Anyway, we had a modest Christmas full of the most important thing... Family, of course! What were you thinkin'? We stayed up way too late one night trying to put up the Christmas tree and then little by little spent the rest of the week decorating it. Once school let out for Winter Break I went Martha Stewart on my house and started baking up a storm! It was so severe that on Christmas Eve I was sewing new stockings for the three of us. I think they turned out pretty cute though.
Ahh... then Christmas Day. I don't know if Rufus really understood what was happening, but he sure enjoyed himself. He wasn't sure what to play with... the cars... the trike... the coloring book... thank goodness he was easy to please.
After opening presents we quickly ate breakfast, packed our bags, and headed for Safford, AZ where Albert's sister and her family live. They invited the whole Knudsen Clan over for a visit and while we were there it snowed! Everyone loaded in their 4x4 and took a drive up Mt. Graham to go tubing. The kids wanted so badly to build a snowman, but the snow was too powdery. (It looked more like a snow boob to me!) We didn't even get to go tubing because one of the trucks got stuck in the deep snow, so we went back down the mountain. More adventures to follow... but for now enjoy the pix!