Saturday, August 15, 2009

We Are a Happy Family!

This was the Knudsen Family as of November 2008!

Drive by licking...

Okay... I found this picture on my Dad's camera from when Rufus was 10-months-old. He was just trying to take a picture of our baby's first Christmas when one of my brother's new puppies decided he needed a kiss. Hee! Hee! I had to laugh out loud when I saw it!

Aunt Muffie Visits

Over Spring Break last school year my sister came to visit us for a week. Thinking we had all the time in the world we were just lazy and took it easy most of the week. Then time caught up with us and we crammed a bunch of stuff in one day.
We went to the toy store and let Rufus play with the "choo-choo's" and ride the "horsey."

Then we had a picnic at the park.
Rufus enjoyed going down the slide. He would laugh so hard when I would grab his feet on the swing and stop him. When we left the park he had the hiccups!
While Muffie and I went to get a pedicure our friend Mrs. Diane let Rufus hang out with her pet turtles. Rufus just thought they were the coolest things since sliced bread!

Chalk Drawings

I love to draw on the sidewalk with chalk! May be it's because it reminds me of when I use to decorate my Grandma's car porch with scrawly kid drawings... Anyway, I think Rufus likes it too! He pretends to write and then draws big circles with lines around the edge (kinda like a sun). I wanted to show him how big he was so we got him to lay down while I outlined his body.

Then he wanted a turn and Daddy was a good sport!