Friday, November 28, 2008

I Work Hard for the Money!

It seems like each time my parents come to visit we eat at the Golden Coral. The last time they visited and we ate there and ended up sitting in a sea of elderly men and women. I'm guessing they bussed a bunch of them over from the nursing home a few blocks away. Anyway, Rufus was just being his well-behaved, cute self, eating anything and everything on his plate. After we finished our meal an older women commented on what a good child he was and offered to give him a dollar. Rufus curiously took the dollar and we found a photo opportunity.

Sing... Sing A Song...

Any time Albert receives a call on his cell phone you'll hear John William's "Summon the Heros." Rufus has learned to recognize this particular cell phone ringtone, and now tries to sing the first half and direct the second half of the ring. "Ba-ba-ba----! Ba--ba--ba--ba-ba-ba," he starts to sing, then finishes with rapid up and down motions with his arms. It was no surprise to us when he pulled out my music stand and pretended it was a microphone. He was also pretending to read music out of a book (like the hymnals at church).

It's Halloween Time!

Okay, so I'm a little behind on my blogging... get ready to be caught up.

We had a hard time deciding what Rufus should be for Halloween. Our two options were either a skeleton (because he had black pajamas with a full skeleton on the front) or a shark (because the costume he wore last year still fit somewhat). WELL! The week before Halloween he hit a growth spurt and out grew both! Right... so, now what. Rufus had a few ideas:
"The Love Guru"
... and the ever so original "Casper the Friendly Ghost."
We found this camouflage outfit in the bottom of one of his drawers and thought, "Hmmm... G.I. Dane!"

We went to two parties that night. One at Matt and Holly Winters where Rufus mostly played with Jordan's toys. Then we drove over to Dave and Darcey Cook's where they were watching "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" projected on their garage door and handing out candy in their driveway. Sam and Sarah were there with their little one too!
G.I Dane here with Tigger and Charlie Brown.