Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Where's Rufus?

I just went to COSTCO last week to pick up a few items, including diapers. Before I could take the box out to the recycle bin Rufus turned it into his play pen. He would squat down inside and wait for me to ask "Where's Rufus?" then...

... he'd pop up and squeal with laughter! I love this kid!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Hippty! Hoppity! Easter's on it's way...

I know it's a little late to post Easter stuff, but I'm trying to bring you up to speed since our computer crashed. Grandpa & Grandma came to visit us on Easter weekend and I decided I wanted to take Rufus to meet the Easter Bunny. Now I don't know why we parents are fascinated with taking our children to see giant fictional characters around the holidays, but we are. I found a store (Once Upon a Child) where the Easter Bunny was to make an appearance and parents could take pictures for FREE (my favorite 4-letter word!) Well, I think the picture says it all. Obviously not a pleasant experience. Although, I did find a couple pairs of shoes on sale for him at the store; so in all it wasn't a wasted trip!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

"Git yer motor runnin'... head out on the highway!"

Just before leaving Holbrook (back in February) Grandpa took Rufus for a ride on his new ATV. They're like two peas in a quad! Grandpa said Rufus took in all the sights and sounds and didn't make a peep.
Well, now that he's had a taste of that Rufus sits on everything pretending it's Grandpa's quad. Here he lifted up the seat (that's the yellow plastic he's leaning against) and sat down in the hidden storage part getting his bum stuck!
Like I said, Rufus and Grandpa are BFF's! Anything Grandpa does, Rufus does!
As a side note, we have finally joined ya'll in the 21st century and now have high-speed internet! Our computer crashed earlier this month which forced us to erase everything and start from scratch. But we're now back up and running so I hope to keep our blog updated as often as I can.